Healthcare organizations are constantly being forced to do more with less. Less money, less time and fewer providers. But what if you could get more from the applications, people and processes you rely on most?

As hospitals and medical care providers navigate the transition from paper to EHR, the ability to streamline processes that leverage both paper and digital information is yet another opportunity to improve operational efficiency and, most importantly, quality of care.

Giving clinicians and staff the complete picture is key!

Caltronics’s solutions for healthcare help you bridge the paper to digital gap and bring the volumes of content residing outside electronic medical records systems into one holistic view. We can help you create a content-based medical record, combining enterprise content management and vendor neutral archive technology in one, unified platform to deliver all content, clinical or business, within the context of the EMR. Your clinicians and business staff will have immediate access to all patient information—from medical records and consents to x-rays and ultrasounds, as well as EOBs, correspondence, dictation and more— alongside the patient record in the EMR.

Combining output, process and content management means you can be sure the most effective processes are fueled by the most relevant information across your enterprise to drive better decisions, better efficiencies, and better outcomes.

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Advanced Print Management

Caltronics and it’s best in breed partners provide workflow solutions that make printing across complex healthcare information systems (HIS) fast, efficient and easy to manage.

Clinical Department Solutions

Submit, manage, access and process clinical documentation outside the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Clinical Hit Integration

Manage workflows and content within the hospital Health Information System (HIS).

Departmental Solutions for Healthcare

Improve workflow and reduce manual tasks in daily routines for accounting, finance, human resources and legal contract management.

Downtime Reports

Improve continuity of care during a downtime event with 24/7 access to key forms and reports from your MFP, no PC required.

Health Information Management

Manage patient documentation and speed workflows related to medical records, chart analyses and information releases.

Healthcare Forms Management

Incorporate forms-based content within the context of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), streamline patient admissions and registration, and secure signatures for consent at the point of care.

Orders Routing

Automate the delivery of hardcopy orders to receiving departments: pharmacy, radiology, dietary and other service areas.

Patient Access

Increase efficiency and productivity in your patient scheduling, patient admissions and registration, and healthcare downtime reporting processes.

Patient Identification

Positively identify patients with laser-printed wristbands, labels and ID cards with photo and barcode technologies.

Post Acute

Capture, organize and process documents from multiple facilities throughout the continuum of care.

Revenue Cycle Management

Speed the revenue cycle by capturing billing information such as EOBs and EDI 835 streams making them accessible within applications.

Tamper Resistant Prescription Printing

Securely print CMS-compliant prescriptions on plain paper. Security features include void pantograph, micro print border and erasure protections.