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Are You Ready For The 2022 Busy Season?

Here’s what we know…most accountants and CPAs are working harder and longer since the pandemic began.

Most Accountants are Working Harder and longer since the Pandemic Began

  • Work Longer Hours 46.6% 46.6%
  • Canceled or Reschedules a Vacation 58% 58%
  • Sleep Interrupted by Work Emails or Calls 25% 25%
  • Sleep Loss Due to Work-related Stress 38% 38%

Source: AvidXchange

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that planning ahead can be priceless, especially when the world is thrust into lockdown. Think about all the technical solutions that suddenly surged in usage when meeting in person was no longer an option.

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How can Caltronics help your firm be ready for the 2022 busy season?

  • Paper-based automation to reduce workloads.
  • Leverage workflow technology to reduce staffing needs.
  • Refine office-based technology methods to support WFH.
  • Utilize scanning functions & features to help improve team performance.


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Turn Our Experience Into Your Advantage

Printing, scanning, storing and managing documents, signage, and content. The total cost of these greater than you might think. To understand the true cost in terms of dollars, as well as the full impact that output and content management has on your productivity and performance, you need hard facts—and a trusted partner who can turn them into understanding and action.


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Customized solutions built for CPAs

Convert Paper to Digital

Increase user productivity by simplifying the document scanning process. We offer an intuitive interface that enables users to quickly and efficiently scan documents and automatically distribute them.

Task Assignment, Tracking and Notifications Workflow

Streamline your daily business routines with document workflow automation! This enables you to develop customized document routes that fit your unique business needs, to easily manage and monitor document activities, from data capture to document archival.

Cloud Faxing without Compromise

Our cloud faxing solution delivers all of the benefits of an on-premises fax server without the upfront capital expenditures. It strictly adheres to regulatory and compliance policies by offering secure protocols for fax transmission, as well as tools and automation mechanisms. 

Client Data and Document Submission Webforms

Extend document automation with intuitive web forms that eliminate repetitive data entry. Easily create company-specific web forms that gather only the relevant data needed, improving the quality of captured information, and allowing for real-time engagement with your audience.

Data Extraction Automation

Our tools allow your company to ingest paperwork in any form, accurately extract the information, and move it to the electronic filing system you already use.

Send Securely with 2-factor authentication

Our state-of-the-art file exchange platform that is both highly secure and simple to use. It is expressly designed to allow for the safe exchange and ephemeral storage of sensitive files in a virtual SafeBox. Any files exchanged are encrypted in both the upload and download processes.