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Our field service technicians are the key to our success at Caltronics and Flex Technology Group. They interact closely with our customers and provide service solutions for all kinds of office equipment. Their total service commitment is visible in their passion for improving the productivity and efficiencies of our world-class customers. Our nationwide team are true customer service professionals, ensuring total customer experience and high quality. They never let our customers down.

As a service technician at Caltronics and Flex Technology Group (FTG), we have our service team to thank. They’re master problem solvers, troubleshooting repairs for our clients and keeping their office equipment in good working order. It’s a dynamic job for those who are handy, enjoy variety, and love a good challenge. Service technicians know their way around a tool box and a computer circuit  board. However – you don’t have to have professional experience with mechanical repair and coding to find yourself here. We offer training for those interested in this dynamic role.



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There’s a path for your career at Caltronics & FTG – one that works for your life and your aspirations. Here’s an example of how you can advance with us.



Caltronics-FTG Path to success

1. Field Service Technician

2. Field Service Lead

3. Field Service Supervisor

4. Field Service Manager

Delmer Brantly Jr

Career Opportunities Abound!

“I learned from scratch. Caltronics trained me. I took a chance and succeeded. I am now a service tech lead and very much appreciate the opportunity and career path in front of me.”

Delmer Brantly Jr.

Corporate Service Manager – Caltronics

Grow Your Career

You don’t have to move out to move up. Field service opens up windows of opportunity for your career. Whether you’d like to build your technical expertise, become a mentor to junior team members, or lead a team – there are many ways to build a fulfilling future at Caltronics and FTG. Field service also offers exposure to many facets of our business, giving you leadership opportunities across the United States if you so desire.

Overcoming hurdles
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Expand YOUR Skills

Feel fulfilled in your role while learning new skills. When you’re part of the Caltronic’s/FTG field service team, you do more than make things work for our clients – you also get to build skills that make things work for you. In addition to expanding your technical expertise, you’ll gain self-management and customer service skills, and valuable industry knowledge. PLUS, with ever-changing technology and new office technology offerings, there are plently of opportunities to learn something new.

“My promotions have come from focus, willingness to learn, determination, and support from those in leadership.”                                  

Corey Jacobson, Title – Caltronics


Testimonials & Featured Service Tech Employees

I'm always learning, whether it's a new equipment or a new problem to solve. It keeps me on my toes and makes every day on the job interesting.

Employee Name, Service Technician @ Caltronics

Employee Quote #2

Employee Name, Service Technician @ Caltronics

Employee Quote #3

Employee Name, Service Technician @ Caltronics

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