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Document Management, Scanning and Capture

Technology has made work processes more mobile than ever before, rendering paper documents inefficient. Bulky filing cabinets are obviously far from mobile, and they represent a risk to your information’s security. At Caltronics, we offer the solutions your organization needs in order to eliminate reliance on cumbersome paper filing while improving document security, consistency, and accessibility.

There are numerous advantages to moving toward a paperless environment through implementation of document management, scanning, and capture technologies:
  • No lost documents as they are stored on a digital database with easy backup
  • Improved security as documents are easily encrypted and password protected
  • Documents are easily archived and organized through automated indexing
  • Simplified document version consistency as documents are easily compared and updated
  • Lower management and storage costs
  • Reduced physical space needed for storage infrastructure
  • Increased workflow efficiency through digital transmission and mobile access
  • Improved record-keeping and regulatory compliance through automated processes

Document Management, Scanning and Capture; The Caltronics Difference

Documents become easier to store, find, and transmit as they are managed through solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. These solutions may include top-of-the-line hardware and intelligent software that help capture, archive, and manage the vast quantities of information your organization needs in order to function. This eliminates the need to shuffle through seemingly endless volumes of faxes, forms, documents, and emails when organizing or searching for needed information.

At Caltronics, our team uses a consultative approach that allows us to tailor document management solutions to your organization’s specific needs and budget. It may be as simple as providing desktop scanners or MFP’s to store documents electronically. Or the solution may be as involved as implementing an entire Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) that incorporates both hardware and software elements that capture, organize, store, and transport documents in a streamlined process. It all depends on your organization’s size, needs, and budget.

The Caltronics Solutions Team offers award-winning document capture and management services in California and elsewhere in the Western United States. We can help your organization find the solution it needs to manage documents with optimal efficiency, saving you time, money, and worry.
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